Landscaping, Mowing, And Lawn Care

Fort worth Fix it landscaping is a premier landscaping company. This is what we do, get grass green. We mow, trim, clean out flower beds, transplant, build retaining walls. If you want the best - Top dressing your yard with our premium Lava Sand & Compost is the best thing you can do for a texas lawn

Landscaping, Lawnmowing, and Fertilization

Top Dressing

$220 Per Yard. 1 Yard covers 1000-1300 SQFT.

Top dressing your yard with our premium Lava Sand & Compost mix is the absolute the best way to get a lush green lawn. Our awesome blend contains lava sand which will help retain moisture, add iron, and other trace elements to your lawn. This service is far superior to any fertilizer regimen. It has the added benefit of raising and leveling your lawn, one treatment won't flatten a bumpy lawn, but it can help. As the compost breaks down it feeds your grass, and gives your lawn the nutrients it needs. This service is best preformed in spring, as you will get the most benefit from it. If you combined this with our over seeding and fertilization you will have one of the greenest lawns on the block.
Top Dressing Lawn
Before and After We trim, transplant, shape, mulch, and much more!

Basic shaping and cleanup - Starting $100
Mulch, including removal - Starting $160
Arden 15, Bermuda grass over seed.

Arden 15 is the best Bermuda grass around, however it runs around $25 per pound. We will not ever use a cheap big box store grass seed mix. We only find the absolute best quality seed. This service is typically applied with our top coating. Arden 15 is A two-clone intraspecific hybrid seed, which will give you early spring greening as well as a more uniform turf. Simply put it is hands down the best option for our north Texas lawns.
Arden 15
Lawnmowing Weekly and Bi Weekly Lawn mowing

Please remember the 3 most important things you can do as a lawn enthusiast: Water, Fertilize, AND MOW OFTEN!!! A lawn, in north Texas, during the summer should be mowed every 4-8 days. Starting at $39 yards under 2500 SqFt add $10 Per 1000 SqFt.

PREMIUM TREATMENT! We only use the absolute the highest quality liquid fertilizers. We blend a 18-3-6 slow-release fertilizer, with an instant release all nitrogen fertilizer, and Humid Acid. This custom blend gives your grass a rapid green bloom. Then the slow release fertilizer will keep it going strong for 8-10 weeks. The Humid acid (Liquid Aeration) is to help improve our North Texas clay soil.

Pricing: Upto 3000sq ft $85, each additional 1000 SqFt add $22

We also offer a 22-2-5 extended release Professional granular Turf Fertilizer. his will feed you lawn for upto 12 weeks.

Pricing upto 3000 sqft - $55, each additional 1000 SqFt add $15